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Partner with the most successful juniors team in WI history, and masters racers to raise awareness for kids with ADHD!

The Mission

Our mission, together with adhd america, is to make a difference in the lives of those impacted by this disorder.

We believe that many parents, particularly those in underserved communities, are unaware of the consequences ADHD can have on the lives of their children. Parents also need to understand their legal rights to advocate on behalf of their children for school accommodations. In addition, they need to be aware of the side effects of ADHD medication, both physically and mentally.

ISCorp Jrs

Join the Team

ISCorp junior development program is the longest operating cycling team with a focus on the athlete cyclist under the age of 18 is now Team ADHD America!

Since its inception, ISCorp has consistently provided the opportunity for juniors to achieve their goals. Team ADHD America will continue to develop the new program with a focus on helping juniors pursue their goals as young aspiring cyclist.

Lifting Awareness

As adult cyclists, along with the most successful juniors team in WI, we are motivated to lift the awareness of parents, teachers, administrators, and future employers, as to the positive effect ADHD America is having on the lives of school-aged children diagnosed with ADHD.

The App

Your donations will also go towards the distribution of the ADHDmyway smartphone application for kids

  • Helps manage the emotional and physical state of those with ADHD
  • Provides data that can help those with ADHD achieve greater levels of success
  • Parents have a lot more insight into how their child is progressing
  • Information doctors can use to fine tune treatment methods
  • Minimizes the impact of side effects
  • Helps prepare those with ADHD to succeed in college, tech school, and beyond


Your Support

As a 501(c)(3) non-for profit organization, your charitable donation goes to supporting the mission of ADHD America. Every contribution enables you to take full advantage of those tax benefits afforded to supporting such a cause.

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